30″ – Extension Set

Slide Clamp (White), Back Check Valve (low pressure), Injection Site, T-connector

Catalog #: EB-030-13 Quantity per Box: 50Length (in): 30Prime Volume (mL): 1.1

Set Dimensions: 30 inches length, Tubing Diameters 1.27 mm x 2.4 mm

Release Criteria: Product ships sterile, endotoxin limit tested


Product contains back check valves and t-connector injection site

  • Back Check Valves
    • Easy activation of valve. Gravity pressure can activate the valve.
    • Back check valves bonded to female luers ensure single direction flow when connected when infusing medications. Prevents medications leaving from the proximal end of the set.
    • With multiple lines are connected to check valve minimizes risk of cross contamination between the infusion lines
    • Limits the mixing of incompatible medications

Reliable, high quality IV tubing that can be used for a variety of hospital and clinical applications. Sets contain a standard male and female luer lock connectors that can be connected to various luer lock devices such as syringes or IV catheters.

Extension sets are composed of clear housing and tubing showing the full fluid pathway for visibility during flushing and infusion.

Product are non-DEHP, and Latex Free. Set materials are composed of medical grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC).