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Ophthalmic Bottle Droppers

The MPS Medical MEDROPPER™ product series is ideal for small batches of sterile eye medication that need to be prepared quickly and effectively.

Product Features:

  • Both Pre-Assembled and Non-Assembled Versions Available
  • Customizable Pack Sizes to Optimize Workflow and Filling Operations
  • Single, Double and Triple-Wrapped Pouching Options Available
  • 3 ml, 7 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml Bottle Sizes Available
  • Drug Safety: A Variety of 11 Colored Screw Caps Can Help Differentiate Multiple Formulations
  • Combine All White Parts to Protect Formulations That Are Light Sensitive
  • Personalize Bottles to the Unique Look of Your Brand
  • Bottle and Tip (fluid contact surfaces) Composed of Materials That Meet UPS Guidelines
  • Brittleness Temperature of < -75° C
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free
  • Products are Ethylene Oxide Sterilized
  • Products are Gamma Compatible

The Medropper Difference

Large quantities available: Custom packaging offers convenience

Medropper is available in custom package sterile bottle quantities (up to 200).

Triple pouch packaging reduces steps

Medropper is available in single, double, or triple pouch packaging, and custom quantities. Triple pouch packaging helps to avoid opening many small packages during the filling process.

  • Supports particle reduction efforts
  • Improves ergonomic hand health for your team
  • Increases efficiency

11 colored ophthalmic bottle caps aid patient medication administration

Memory aids such as colored caps can improve patient medication administration success. Colored cap dropper bottles allow for a customized prescription regimen such as morning delivery, evening delivery, or to visually differentiate between medications.

Light-proof containers prevent medication breakdown

Medication breakdown reduces the effectiveness of patient treatment. Ensure your patients have light-proof packaging for light-sensitive medications with Medropper light-proof ophthalmic bottles.