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ADP-3000 Single Lead Pump Tube Set with Vented Spike and Male Luer Lock

Single Lead High Volume Pump Chamber Set – Length 133” Macrobore Tubing Large Vented Spike, Pinch Clamp, Silicone Boot, Male Luer Lock, Sterile

Catalog #: 17789HP3M-10PK Quantity per Box: 10Prime Volume (mL): 25.3Product Feature:

Reliable, high quality pump tubing. Item is compatible with all models of the MPS Pharma’s ADP-3000 Fluid Dispensing Pump.

Pump tubing, in use with pump, can be used for various pharmacy applications including:

  • Drug vial reconstitution
  • Admixture preparation
  • Sterile syringe filling
  • Ambulatory pump filling
  • Oral dispenser filling
  • Diluent transfers of small to large volumes

Product carries a male luer lock connector along with contains one (1) bag spike compatible with most pharmacy applications.

Product ships sterile, endotoxin limit tested and comes with 10 EA per box.