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Suregrip Mini Transfer Pin with Filter, Chemo

Suregrip Mini Transfer Pin W/ Hydrophobic Chemo Disc Filter (0.2 Micron), Sterile

Catalog #: 19CHTP Quantity per Box: 100

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Stay compliant to guidelines in USP <797> for preparing chemotoxic products. Guidelines state the following :

“ . . . it is essential to recognize that additional precautions must be utilized to protect the personnel and the compounding environment from the potential adverse effects of these chemotoxic products. The minimum requirements for this process include the following: working and verified laminar airflow work bench, barrier isolator, or other environmental containment and control device with biohazard control capabilities; the sprayback and spill control techniques and equipment; the use (of) specialized compounding devices and equipment; and proper disposal.”

  • Ergonomic Sure Grip Spike Used for easy grip and handling
  • 0.2 um Filter designed to protect Pharmacists and Nurses against inhaling toxic drugs and aerosals during reconstitutions.
  • Female luer lock connection and durable sharp spike for fluid transfer

Product ships sterile, endotoxin limit tested and comes with 100 EA per box. Product is non-pyrogenic in an unopened, undamaged packet and is DEHP and latex free.