96″ – Extension Set

Slide Clamp (White)

Catalog #: EB-096-01 Quantity per Box: 50Length (in): 96Prime Volume (mL): 3

Hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic are finding essential medical devices in limited supply. Some of those include medication delivery systems and accessories. MPS Medical, Inc. currently has medication delivery infusion tubing in stock and available to order online or by phone.

In some instances, medication infusion pumps should remain at a distance from a patient identified with COVID-19. Extension set tubing can help healthcare professionals accomplish and maintain recommended physical distance, or administer medication from an infusion pump located outside of the immediate patient area.

96” extension set tubing, part #EB-096-01 can help. Two of these extension sets can be combined to achieve a length of 192”, or 16 feet.



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